The size of your room and what you would like in it will influence the style and type of bath on offer to you; although we will always go the extra mile to try to find the bath you want or to design the room to allow for this.

The options are vast, but the two main paths are free standing or built in. Once this is decided the next decision is what material you would like it made from, do you need taps on the bath, will they be wall mounted or an overflow filler? This all becomes clearer as we guide you along.



If baths are not your thing but you prefer a refreshing shower, then this section is for you.

The first consideration is your water system. This will give a starting point as to what shower is appropriate for the water supply, whether the water pressure requires a pump or is sufficient on its own. Then it is a simple choice of style and type of head. Cubicles should not be overlooked, with the choice of a range of wetroom systems right down to small enclosures to fit that empty cupboard. All in different styles and finishes to match the rest of the room


Sanitary ware

Choosing a new toilet and basin doesn’t have to be difficult with the right guidance. It is all down to how the pipework is positioned and if you wish to see the cistern or have it hidden away. After these simple steps it is just a matter of style and personal taste.






From modular, built in or free standing we supply many variations in colour, style, finish and materials. It is all a matter of how you want the finished room to look and feel. We will offer advise on the selection of colour and material and combine them all to make your finished room your private retreat.


Taps and Fittings

As with showers, the way your water is supplied will let us know which range of taps are most suited for your room. From wall mounted valves to traditional pillar taps we will have the right tap for you and your room.





Radiators and Accessories

Without heating your new bathroom is just not complete. It is no use having a lovely relaxing room if it is too cold to spend time in and you are rushing to complete your hygiene routine. We will help to find the appropriate size, style and colour that compliments the room and design you have in mind.

To finish it all off – the accessories. Lighting, mirrors, holders for towels, toothbrushes and robes are all available to complete your desired look and needs.

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Our Kitchens

It is said that a kitchen is the heart of the home and we believe that to be true. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where meals are created, it fuels bodies, minds and souls of friends and families all over the world. Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen.
With this in mind our kitchens are designed to suit your own individual needs and lifestyle.

Our Bathrooms

The bathroom is not just for the functional purpose of personal hygiene – or is it? Why not create your own private retreat, somewhere to take time out and relax and ease away the daily strains?

Easy to clean and maintain for family bathing then transforms for a relaxing time out deep scented bubble bath with ambient lighting and music or a spacious invigorating shower. We are able to create your own oasis that suits you and your families desires and needs.

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